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Aspire performance training - Perth WA Registered Business Training Provider

With over 32 years of experience, licensed as a Real Estate & Business Agent, and accredited in both Residential and Commercial Property Management Nicole has a proven track record of helping Real Estate and Property Management businesses achieve remarkable results.

Portfolio Health Checks:
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What we cover


Personalised Growth for Individuals and Teams

Whether you're a business owner, business development manager, or property management staff, our one-on-one coaching caters to your specific needs. We also offer team coaching to foster collaborative success. Embrace tailored guidance that fuels personal and collective growth.

Reflect & Reset Workshops

Our Reflect & Reset workshops offer a valuable space to introspect and recalibrate. We guide you through self-assessment and help you identify areas for improvement, both personally and professionally. By reflecting on past experiences, you gain insights that inform your future decisions and actions.

Systems and Processes - Streamlining and Risk

Efficient systems and processes are the backbone of successful real estate ventures. We delve into streamlining your operations, identifying bottlenecks, and mitigating potential risks. Through methodical evaluation, we ensure that your workflow is optimized for both effectiveness and security.

Blueprint Short Term and Long Term Goals

Setting clear goals is essential for progress. We assist you in crafting actionable short-term and long-term goals that align with your aspirations. With a strategic roadmap in place, you're better equipped to stay on course and measure your achievements.

Succession Plans for Growth - Big Picture and Blueprinting the Journey

Planning for growth involves looking beyond the present. We collaborate on designing succession plans that encompass the big picture of your business's future. By blueprinting the journey, we ensure a seamless transition as your enterprise evolves.

Strategy Planning for Individual and Business Growth

Strategic planning is key to sustained success. We help you develop comprehensive strategies that promote both your individual professional growth and your business's expansion. Our guidance aids in aligning your personal aspirations with the broader business objectives.

Understanding Strengths and Opportunities

Understanding your strengths is fundamental to leveraging them effectively. Through in-depth analysis, we uncover your strengths and guide you in capitalising on them. Simultaneously, we explore opportunities that align with your unique skill set.

Cost Analysis for Listings - Viability and Profit Zone

Each listing carries costs that impact your profitability. We delve into detailed cost analyses to determine the viability of each listing. By identifying whether a listing falls within the profit-making zone, you make informed decisions that contribute to your bottom line.

Listing and Negotiation Techniques

Listing and negotiation skills are pivotal in real estate. We provide insights and techniques to enhance your listing presentations and negotiation prowess, increasing your chances of successful transactions.

Identifying the Ideal Client and Their Location

Defining your ideal client is crucial for targeted marketing efforts. We assist in pinpointing the characteristics of your ideal client and strategize on how to reach them effectively. This approach maximizes your marketing ROI.

Building Effective Relationships - Clients, Suppliers, Team

Relationships drive business success. We guide you in building strong relationships with clients, suppliers, and your team. Effective communication and rapport foster trust and collaboration.

The synergy between Sales and Property Management

Harmonising the efforts of sales and property management is integral. We work on strategies to align these functions, ensuring seamless transitions and customer satisfaction throughout the property lifecycle.

Growth Pipelines - Implementation and Management

Growth requires well-defined pipelines. We collaborate on implementing growth strategies and managing these pipelines effectively. Regular reviews ensure adjustments are made as needed.

Team Synergy and Values Aligned with Vision

A cohesive team aligned with your business vision is essential. We assist in fostering team synergy and cultivating values that resonate with your overarching mission. A united team is pivotal for success.

Business Development, Property Management, Conflict Resolution, Troubleshooting

Business development and property management entail diverse challenges. We provide guidance in conflict resolution and troubleshooting, equipping you with strategies to navigate complexities effectively.

Empowering Staff - Knowledge and Skillset Development

Empowering your staff with knowledge and skillset development is an investment in your business's success. We design training programs that enhance their capabilities and confidence.

Avoiding Burnout - Creating Effective Balances

Burnout can hinder productivity and well-being. We focus on strategies to avoid burnout by creating effective work-life balances, ensuring sustained motivation and success.

With our comprehensive coaching approach, you'll gain invaluable insights and strategies to excel in every facet of the real estate industry.

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Conducted at your office or preferred location, ensuring convenient and efficient learning.

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Residential and Commercial Property Management:

Our consulting services cover both residential and commercial property management, tailoring strategies to address the distinct challenges of each sector. We guide you in optimising efficiency, tenant satisfaction, and overall profitability.

Deep Dive Audits (Health Checks):

Our in-depth audits provide a comprehensive assessment of your property management operations. We meticulously examine every aspect to identify strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring your operations are finely tuned.

Processes, Procedures, Checklists, and Client Offerings:

Efficient processes, standardized procedures, and effective checklists are the cornerstones of successful property management. We collaborate on refining these elements to enhance client offerings and streamline day-to-day operations.

Due Diligence on Trust Systems:

Trust systems form the core of property management financials. We conduct due diligence to ensure these systems are secure, compliant, and accurate, safeguarding your financial integrity.

Revenue Stream Assessments:

Revenue streams are vital to your property management business. We analyze these streams to optimize pricing structures and identify growth opportunities, ultimately boosting your profitability.

Assessing Your Risk - Processes and Systems:

Risk assessment is pivotal in property management. We evaluate your processes and systems to identify potential vulnerabilities and establish risk mitigation strategies that protect your business.

KPI Structure Reviews - Effectiveness, Team Engagement, and Rewards:

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) drive performance. We review your KPI structure to ensure it effectively measures success, engages your team, and provides appropriate rewards for achievements.

Staff Onboarding Process and Employment Safeguards:

Effective staff onboarding sets the tone for success. We guide you in creating comprehensive onboarding processes that not only equip new hires but also safeguard your business against future employment events.

Performance Assessment - What to Look For:

Assessing performance requires a discerning eye. We help you identify key indicators of success, ensuring that performance evaluations are comprehensive, fair, and insightful.

Department Assessments - Team Culture, Mindsets, Trust Implementation, Systems, Processes, Templates:

Departmental success hinges on various factors. We conduct thorough assessments, covering team culture, mindsets, trust implementation, systems, processes, and templates. This holistic approach ensures optimal functioning and alignment.

Health Checks



  • Assessing current portfolio rent position vs medians – is your portfolio staying current with income streams?

  • Are your fees being charged – full review for missed income opportunities

  • Compliance checks – are your practices putting you at risk without realisation?

  • Reviewing your profit goals vs what is being achieved, i.e. what your listings/managements are costing you

  • Understanding baseline costs to manage a listing, ensuring they sit in the healthy zone

  • Identifying red flags or barriers in your Property Management Business

  • Revising fees and costs, I want to ensure you are being paid your worth

  • Is your rent roll currently saleable?  Is it ready should you want to sell?
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Navigating a dynamic property management landscape requires a deep understanding of various facets. Our consulting services provide expert guidance in: 

Trust System Usage, Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices (System Dependent):

Expert guidance tailored to your system, offering effective ways to navigate Trust System intricacies.

Legislative Compliance:

Ensuring adherence to legislative requirements, covering all aspects of property management.

Comprehensive Property Management Insights:

Expertise spanning development, growth strategies, troubleshooting, and more, tailored to property management.

Conflict Resolution Techniques:

Strategies for effectively resolving conflicts that may arise in property management scenarios.

Promoting Self-Care and Wellness:

Emphasising the importance of self-care and wellness strategies to navigate the demands of the field.

Workplace Safety Insights - Personal Perspective:

Sharing personal experiences to highlight the significance of maintaining a safe workplace environment.



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