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Staff Training and Skills Matrix development

Aspire Performance Training has experienced and qualified, trainers and assessors, and HR organisational Development consultants that work closely with organisations to develop an effective and adaptive training and skills matrix, improving, and reinforcing strategies, structure, and processes.

Improve overall performance within roles and unleash staff potential.


How we help

As part of Aspire Performance Training's core Business and Consultancy services, we can provide your business with Staff training and Skills Matrix Development, to improve overall performance within roles and unleash staff potential.

A Skills/Competency Matrix is a strategic tool used to map and visualise required, desired and available skills for a team or project.

Understanding the skills that are available and missing in a team is known as 'the skill gap'. Throughout this business development process, Aspire Performance Training will work with your organisations to codesign and undertake codelivery (as appropriate) for each aspect of the assignment.

The process involves reviews, conducted by desktop analysis, meetings and focus groups, with key personnel, to supplement the desk analysis.

Aspire will work with you in the design of frameworks, capability assessments, staff training and skills matrix development for future proofing of training materials and all planning schedules and analysis tools will be completed in tandem with key personnel.

Creating a skills matrix can show individuals on your team where they excel and where they need to improve their skills.

This framework helps outline expectations by:

  • Clearly noting what skills are required to successfully complete a project, team members are aware of the expectations and what needs to be done to be effective in their role,
  • Indicating where new hires are needed, and
  • Highlighting areas within an organization that should be developed.

How We Helped


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