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New Micro-Credentials

Designed in 2o23 based on the Most Sought-After Skills of the Year.

Complete online now.

Aspire Performance Training's micro-credentials provide individuals with a valuable opportunity to acquire specific, practical skills that can enhance their career prospects and personal development.

These short courses, are designed to offer learners a comprehensive understanding of a specific subject matter, and can be completed at their own pace online.

The flexibility and cost-effectiveness of micro-credentials make them an ideal way for individuals to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for career advancement or to transition into a new field.

With specialised training, learners can demonstrate their skills and knowledge to potential employers, leading to new job opportunities or promotions.

Our micro-credential programs provide learners with real-world projects and case studies, enabling them to apply their knowledge in a practical setting. This approach not only enhances the learning experience but also helps learners build their portfolios and professional profiles.

As upskilling and reskilling become increasingly important, micro-credentials have become a popular option for busy professionals. 

Overall, Aspire Performance Training's micro-credentials offer a practical and effective way for individuals to acquire new skills and knowledge, demonstrate their abilities to potential employers, and advance their careers.


I highly recommend Aspire Performance Training!

I have previously obtained two qualifications with Aspire Performance Training - Certificate III in Business and Certificate IV in Business. I found the staff at Aspire to be supportive, encouraging and understanding. If you are looking for a Registered Training Organisation look no further!

Shantilla Khayt Piazzola

Certificate III in Business and Certificate IV in Business

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence plays a big part in workplace success. Build self awareness and learn to manage your emotions by better understanding your emotional intelligence. This course will help you develop leadership qualities, aid you in motivating your team and colleagues, and guide you in your workplace and personal interactions.
  • ASPIRE003
  • Unlimited
  • Online/ $80+GST

Authentic Leadership

Discover ways to become a more authentic, and effective leader. This course will help you to rethink your leadership image, increase your self awareness, assess your values, take action and gain support, and to improve your effective communication skills.
  • ASPIRE001
  • Unlimited
  • Online/ $80+GST

Unconscious Bias

Whilst we all like to believe that we are as objective as possible when making decisions, especially at work, we are subject to many of these biases - that's what makes us human. This course will help you to identify unconscious bias in your day to day life, to understand the difference between intuitive and rational thinking, and how that impacts your biased thinking. By using tools and strategies, this course will help you to overcome biased thinking. You will learn to use empathy, curiosity, and courage to become an effective leader.
  • ASPIRE006
  • Unlimited
  • Online/ $80+GST

Conflict Management

This course will help you to understand the causes and effects of conflict, helping you to manage and lead difficult situations. You will learn the balance between assertive and cooperative to help influence favourable outcomes. Skills for resolving unhelpful conflict is vital for a leader, alongside a balance for encouraging positive conflict for healthy growth.
  • ASPIRE002
  • Unlimited
  • Online/ $80+GST

Mental Wellness and Wellbeing

Mental health is about wellness rather than illness. Good mental health is vital to your ability to work efficiently and effectively. By understanding what good mental health looks like you are better equipped to notice when your own, and others mental health may be slipping. This course provides tools to assess and improve your own mental health, as well as ways for you to ask others difficult questions and offer support to them.
  • ASPIRE004
  • Unlimited
  • Online/ $80+GST

Talking to Customers

This course teaches core skills to enhance your ability to talk to, and understand your customers.

Beginning with helping you to find out what your customers want, and methods for difficult conversations, this course will aid your growth goals.

After you learn engagement methods, you will learn styles to work effectively with your customers, alongside emotional intelligence and how to enhance and use this to better engage with your customers needs.

  • ASPIRE005
  • Unlimited
  • Online/ $80+GST

Skills you will gain

  • Business Management, Administration & Strategy
  • Creative Thinking
  • Team Skills
  • Problem-Solving
  • Environmental & Sustainable Work Skills
  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Organisational & Time Management Skills
  • Microsoft Office & Computer Skills
  • Importance of Workplace Safety & Wellness
  • Design & Produce Business & Digital Text Documents, & Spreadsheets
Skills You Will Gain
Our Staff

Your Business Trainers


Jayne Dinwoodie

Trainer & Assessor

Offering 15+ years of experience in Leadership, Strategic Management and Sales, as well as a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Jayne has worked with some of Australia's largest businesses throughout her career, where she has gained a meticulous eye for detail and prides herself on her ability to deliver quality and meaningful training, whilst keeping her students engaged and committed.

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