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New/Existing Worker Traineeships



Our Traineeship programs offer a powerful opportunity to upskill and develop your workforce through structured on-the-job learning to increase skills and gain a nationally recognised vocational education and training (VET) qualification.

For business owners and employers, traineeships bring numerous benefits, including financial incentives. It's a win-win scenario for both trainees and employers, fostering skill development and enhancing productivity.

Whether you have new workers who need to transition to a more permanent employment arrangement or existing workers seeking professional development opportunities, Aspire Performance Training is here to support the growth and success of all your employee with New/Existing Worker Traineeships.



Effective from 1/7/2022

  • Full time trainees:             $1,750 at 6 months and $1,750 at 12 months
  • Part time trainees:            $850 at 6 months and $850 at 12 months


Effective from 1/7/2019

  • Total of $2,125 – $1,062.50 paid at 6 months and $1,062.50 paid on completion.
    For Cert III Certificate III in Real Estate Practice
    (This qualification is for sales reps, admin staff, reception staff etc.)

  • Total $4,250 – $2,125 paid at 6 months and $2,125 paid in computation of - Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice. 
    This qualification is for Property Managers and Assistant Property Managers.
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Why you should put them through a traineeship


Investing in traineeships for your existing workforce brings significant benefits to your business.

Traineeships provide opportunities for skill enhancement, enabling workers to acquire industry-specific knowledge and stay up-to-date with practices.

They offer career development paths, empowering employees to take on higher-level responsibilities and boosting their motivation and loyalty.

Traineeships also facilitate adaptation to change, ensuring your business remains competitive.

By investing in professional development, you retain top talent, create a learning culture, and maximize return on investment.

Empowering your existing workers through traineeships strengthens your organization, nurturing a skilled and adaptable workforce capable of driving business success.

Who is an eligible existing worker?

  • An existing worker is someone who has been employed by your company for more than three months on a full-time basis or more than twelve months on a part-time/casual basis.

  • Existing workers, having already established a longer-term relationship with your company, are eligible to participate in traineeship programs.


Why you should put them through a traineeship

NEW worker traineeship

Traineeships provide a cost-effective way to upskill new employees and ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge for their job role, while also benefiting from financial incentives.

Traineeships provide a structured learning environment where your employee can develop industry-specific skills and knowledge, becoming proficient in their role quickly.

You can also customize the training to align with your company's needs, ensuring targeted development that directly benefits your organisation.

By investing in the development of your staff from the very beginning of their time with you, you demonstrate commitment, fostering loyalty and motivation for long-term retention.

Moreover, investing in traineeships creates a talent pipeline, ensuring a steady supply of skilled and familiar employees who contribute to your organisation's growth. By putting your new employee through a traineeship, you invest in their professional growth while strengthening your business with a skilled and loyal workforce.


  • A new worker refers to an individual who has been employed by your company for less than three months on a full-time basis, or less than twelve months on a casual or part-time basis.

  • To be eligible to undertake a traineeship, new workers must transition to part-time or full-time employment status within your company.
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Free in '23

We are excited to offer FREE nationally recognised and accredited qualification in 2023, as part of the Commonwealth and Western Australian Government's 12-month Skills Agreement.

half price courses

We are excited to offer FREE nationally recognised and accredited qualification in 2023, as part of the Commonwealth and Western Australian Government's 12-month Skills Agreement.

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Skills you will gain

  • Upskill and develop your workforce to boost efficiency and effectiveness
  • Expand career pathways and unlock skills-based promotion opportunities
  • Foster loyalty and long-term commitment from your valued employees
  • Build business capability to outshine competitors and expand your customer base
  • Save on recruitment costs by investing in the growth of your existing staff
  • Develop your team with quality nationally accredited training, supporting industry best practices and regulatory requirements
  • Recognise and leverage the skills your workers already possess, offering career progression through upskilling
  • Cultivate leadership skills within your workforce to meet present and future business demands
Key Learnings